When He Says He’s Not Ready…and Other Guy Cliches

I was recently approached by Cosmopolitan magazine to help them with an article they were putting together. Since being featured in Cosmo is kind of a big deal I figured it’s worth sharing it with you guys.

The article is called: When He Says He’s Not Ready…and Other Guy Cliches

“You meet a guy, things between you are going well, you start to fall for him and then – bam! Ready to burst your happy, hopeful little bubble of ‘this could be it’ is a line – a line that could be the truth, but could also be a Big. Fat. Excuse.

So how do you work out if he really means what he says, or if it’s just a cliché he’s using as a ploy to be let off the hook? And more importantly, how do you react once you work it out? We’ve gone to the experts to find out, but beware: sometimes the truth isn’t for the fainthearted…”

Click here to read the full article!

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