The Secret To Never Being Single

November 12, 2015 Alex Matlock 0

* CAUTION: This article contains some seriously harsh but eye opening material.

I feel sorry for single women. I feel sorry for single women because society and modern feminist culture (lead by many popular women’s magazines) has engraved some fundamentally wrong beliefs into their brains.

Instead of addressing the real issue (men are incredibly shallow) women are led to believe that by doing certain things (acting funny, being witty, insulting guys etc) they will be able to attract ANY man.

While the above examples may explain what women should do in order to attract a man, they miss the most important thing: Men are incredibly shallowwhich basically means they cannot attract ANY man but only certain men, the ones that find them attractive.


In order for any woman to have a decent shot at the so called “great guy” they need to add 2 extra steps to their dating mindset.

1.       Do your best to become more psychically attractive.

2.       Drop your high standards.

3.       Assure yourself that point 1 & 2 is covered then follow “conventional dating advice”.

You see, most “dating advice” that is scattered across the internet and in very popular women’s magazines fails to include the first 2 points of this list. They basically start from step 3, leading women to believe that they can get any man regardless of their appearance.


This concept is fundamentally wrong. This may come as a shock to many women but it’s the darn truth. I’m sorry I have to be the one that bursts your bubble but it’s better to know than to remain ignorant.

What you need to understand is that men are incredibly shallow, regardless of what they say. As such, any possible problem that you’ve ever had whilst trying to seduce or be seduced by a man can be traced back to point 1 and 2 of this article.

To put it even more simply, any possible problem that you’ve ever had whilst trying to seduce or be seduced by a man existed because you were not attractive enough for said man.

The Things You Do That Make That Guy You Like, Lose Interest

June 18, 2015 Alex Matlock 0

The most fascinating thing about dating is how, what we want and expect to happen on a date, doesn’t always correspond to what REALLY happens on a date.

For a couple of seconds, I want you to think back and remember a guy you dated that you were immediately attracted to on the very first date.

Remember how that very first sight gave you butterflies? Remember how just thinking about him made you tingle? Remember how when you weren’t with him, all you could think about was being with him again?

Infatuation is a dangerous feeling. But how does this affect your love life?


Most infatuated women become a little obsessive. If you’re anything like most women then you’ll probably start checking your phone every 5 minutes to see if he called or texted. You become a little needy. You constantly tell your friends about him and share every single detail of your conversations with them.

You can’t properly communicate with him because whilst trying not to say the wrong thing, you often say nothing. Or even worse, you say something so pointless that even you can’t believe you actually said that.

You start feeling stressed and begin to act nervous. You don’t want to mess anything up because you like him so much so you’re no longer as easy going, relaxed or even charming when you’re with him.


He gets you overly excited and you show it. You compliment him all the time and he starts to see it. You even tell him that you see/want a future here.

You start to become weak because you’re so impressed with him and so concerned about what he thinks that you put him high on a pedestal, a rightful place in your mind.

And here’s your biggest mistake.

The moment you put anyone on a pedestal, they start looking down on you. If up until that point he thought you were equal, the moment he’s high and mighty he will realize that “he’s above you”.

“Sadly, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of being infatuated by a man.”

Neediness, nervousness, over excitement and weakness – these words define a woman that is infatuated by a new man in her life.

Sit back and think about them for a second. Do you find them attractive?

Then it shouldn’t be a big surprise when that man you like so much, upon seeing a needy, nervous and weak woman, stops calling you. With all honesty, what would you expect him to do? You come out way to serious about him, way too early and that obviously scares him away.