Product Review

As much as I try to be on top of every single issue there’s always a lot more I just can’t cover.

Below is my top 5 list of books that I’ve read and tested myself (or have been tested by other women I personally coach).

They all go way beyond my teachings and are worth considering if you want to improve a particular area of your love life.


Why He LiesThis is the absolute number 1


I would recommend this to any woman on the planet. It’s by far the most comprehensive in describing how men think, what they want from life, women, relationships and love. It is centered on the results of a “secret survey” and is basically What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Could Never Tell You.

The book also goes into great details about how you, the woman, can use this knowledge to your advantage and become a dream woman for any man while at the same time, turning him into your dream man. It’s absolutely fantastic and it’s basically an all in one package that every woman needs to have. Watch Free video here!


The Woman Men Adore…And Never Want To Leave


This is an enlightening book filled with relationship advice for the woman who wants to learn how to influence a man, how to boost confidence, what men are attracted to, how to relate to men, how to share their feelings in ways that men actually listen and respond to and how to get men to start giving you what you need.

Basically if you are someone who is looking for ways to make a man fall in love with you, you need to give this a read. Check Out The Free Video Here!


Girl Gets Ring


As the name probably tells you, this book focuses on how to get a man to ask the big question. It’s an easy to follow system that reveals proven techniques a woman can use to see through a man’s facade and into his character. As the cover puts it, this book can literally take you from “Hello” to “I do”. Watch Free Video Here!


Melt Your Man’s Heart


This book focuses on how to reignite attraction between you and your man. It’s making a lot of couples fall in love all over again because it shows women exactly what their men want and how to tap into their man’s emotional circuits making the woman irresistible. I think that every woman in a relationship should get this program. Watch Free Video Here!


The Magic Of Making Up


This is the number 1 online guide that helps you get back with your ex. It teaches some very effective psychological tactics and as the name pretty much sums it up, it makes making up magical. If you just broke up and want to get back together, you need to read this. Click Here To Check it Out!