14 Things About Women That Turn Guys On

Men aren’t really sophisticated when it comes to getting turned on, often enough just looking at a great girl is enough to get us going. You see, unlike women, we respond incredibly well to visual stimuli and that’s what you, as a woman, need to take advantage of, if you want to get a guy turned on.


For example, when you’re reading a romance novel where the protagonists are having sex, you will, most of the time (and correct me if I’m wrong), try to or actually feel the feelings the woman protagonist is feeling. If a man was to read a romance novel, he would instead, visually imagine the sexual act – this can be a very tiring experience and that’s just one of the reasons men prefer porn to romance novels.

Anyway, if he is in the early stages of the relationship, just looking at you (and imagining having sex with you) is more than enough to get him going. On the other hand, if you’ve been in a relationship for some time it will take a bit more effort to get him hot and ready.

This article is here to show you, in no particular order, the 14 major things about women that turn guys on, regardless of the relationship stage.

1.       Skin

As women are considered the beautiful sex, there’s really no point in dressing up but, because modern society has us wearing clothes, whenever we see that little extra bit of skin we get turned on. Flimsy skirts, visible thighs and all those other luxuries will always get a guy’s attention.

2.       Touching


As men, we always make an effort to properly touch a woman, we view it in a way, as our responsibility but oh boy when a woman touches back, or even when she touches first…it’s overwhelming at times. Best places are around the neck, ear, arms and back of the head whilst kissing… touch a guy in any of these locations and you’ll surely get him going.

3.       Closeness

This works particularly well with guys that you’re not yet in a relationship with. Being close to a woman is incredibly arousing, this can happen on a bus, in the elevator, at the bar and basically everywhere else where 2 people are somewhat forced to be in close proximity. Why? Because it becomes incredibly evident how much of a woman you are (your hair, your smell…) – basically, we get to see you up close and many guys relish at the chance.

4.       Flirting


Again, more suitable for the initial stages but can be applied later on in the relationship as well. Flirting is one of the best ways to turn a guy on and also to make him feel awkward. You don’t have to start the flirting yourself, just give any guy a reason to flirt with you and then reciprocate – smile at him, act interested in him, laugh at his jokes, touch him, get closer to him – this is a sure fire way to get a guy so turned on that he might even bust a nut.

5.       Sexual Confidence and Maturity

I’ve read a lot about this recently and there seems to be a lot of views regarding it so, let’s just get this straight, once and for all.

Sexually confident males (let’s call them – men that have had relatively serious relationships – thus having a lot of good sex and are at least over the age of 23) are very attracted and turned on by sexual confidence in a woman. To put it simply, they wish and desire a sexual confident and sexually mature women that will either sometimes start sex or take control during sex. Why? Well, because these men understand the pleasures of sex and know how to have sex – they want their sexual partners to be on the same line thus having some GREAT sex together.


Not so sexually confident males (let’s call them – men that have not had the chance to experience sex that often or have never had an interest in understanding sex apart from busting their nut) are turned on by not so sexually confident women (even virgins). Why? Quite simply because in their heads, being with a person that has never had sex means that she will automatically view you as the “great one” in bed. Although this may seem funny, it’s sad and pathetic but it’s a complex many guys have and this is just one of the ways they deal with it. For sexually confident and mature males, virgins are a turn off, a guy like that, would chose masturbation before he would take a girl’s innocence away.

6.       The Non-Existent Shyness

The fact that you are shy and cute, acting shy in the initial stages of the relationship but then you’ve been shy only because you are scared about you true wild side – is a major turn on for guys. I’m not saying rearrange your whole life to turn a guy on this way, but such scenarios are probably at the top of a guy’s head.

7.       Kinky Surprises

This works either in the early stages of the relationship (after you’ve had sex) or later on in the relationship. Kinky surprises are incredibly easy to pull off but work wonders on a guy’s brain. Simply ask him to come over for dinner (or whatever reason) and when he comes, open the door in that new sexy lingerie that he never saw and awww what a night that will be.


This is so powerful that the reminder image from that night can keep him going for a month.

8.       Two Women Together

Many women are puzzled by this, they say: “Men hate watching two men together, but they love two women making out. Why is that?” – It’s very simple, men love women – they love watching women individually, dressed or naked so it’s only natural that he would be 2x more turned on by two women. Women are the beautiful sex, not men. We can’t watch 2 men making out because it’s disgusting. Think about it yourself, if you had to choose, wouldn’t you watch two women making out instead of two guys making out? Exactly!

Contrary to popular belief this is also why men want a threesome. You might be thinking yes, men want threesome so that they can have sex with the other woman, that’s true as well but the main reason we want it, is to see the woman we love, be with another woman whilst having a FANTASTIC sexual experience together, as a couple.

9.       Lingerie and High Heels

Individually, each of these items is a major turn on to any guy. But when you combine them, they become a lethal combination. Quality lingerie gets all your best angles into the spot light and it’s incredibly arousing.


Top that off with high heels that lift your butt and make your chest pop out…you’re guy won’t last past the 3 minute mark.

10.   Tight Clothes


These are well fitted clothes that get your womanly shapes out in the open. It’s not just about the breasts and butt here; it’s about the waistline, shoulders, thighs and all the other good stuff. Men are suckers for the woman shape.

11.   See Through Clothes


Another classic men love. Usually you can work this even better if you have contrasted pieces such as a see thru white shirt with a black bra or the other way around. Again, it’s all about the womanly shape here and seeing the skin and some relatively sexy lingerie, even if we have to stress our eyes, is a major turn on.

12.   Stiff Nipples

Ever walked through the supermarket’s fridge section and noticed that a lot of guys are giving you the eye? Well this was probably to blame. Men just love those stiff nipples. I think it’s probably because we love to get them stiff during foreplay or sex so whenever we see them like that we associate it with sex.

13.   Boy Shorts – His Shirt

Quite simple, men find these shorts incredibly sexy. The way they mold on a girls butt is like an art form. Again, it’s all about the womanly shape and boy shorts are a good way to put that into effect.


Also, whilst we’re on the topic of boy stuff, his shirts are another incredible turn on. Why? Well because if he gives you his shirt and you put it on, it’s probably going to be very large. This makes you feel like a woman but more importantly it makes him feel like a man, powerful and strong and yes, that’s a turn on for us – even though it may seem narcissistic.

14.   An Aroused Woman

Sure, it’s our mission to get your aroused, otherwise you wouldn’t have sex with us but, sometimes just sometimes, you’re turned on for whatever reason that may be, before we even think about having sex and then we see you…you act the part and boy oh boy this is probably the number 1 turn on for any guy on this planet – sex with no foreplay – is it my birthday? If you really want to get a guy turned on and impress him while you’re at it, get yourself ready for him and just say “Baby… I’m ready!” and he’ll love you forever.


In conclusion, men are not really complicated creatures and as this article has quite comprehensively proven, if he can see it, it’s going to turn him on.

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