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5 Ways to Use Vitamin C Serum for Face

January 11, 2017 Alex Matlock 0

Due to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C serums have known to be great in providing you with a healthier and younger looking skin. It can help in reducing your skin wrinkles and help in evening out your skin tone while giving you a smooth and hydrated skin which is not only great to look at but also soft to touch.

All these benefits of Vitamin C serums beg you to incorporate it into your daily life and notice its benefits for yourself. If you are wondering how to use a Vitamin C serum, follow the below-described steps for the best result.

Here are 5 steps you should always follow when using a Vitamin C serum for your face:

Homemade serum or company based serum

The first step in using a Vitamin C serum is to decide whether you would like to buy a serum for yourself or would you like to create one at home itself. According to experts, a Vitamin C serum should contain at least 10% concentration of Vitamin C.

If you are more into cost effective products, then you can go ahead and make it as home as it is a very simple process. All you have to do is take Vitamin C powder, distilled water, Vitamin E oil and glycerine and mix them well and store them in a cool, dark place for some time. And voila! Your homemade Vitamin C serum is ready for use.

Cleaning your face

Once you have bought or made your Vitamin C serum, time to wash your face. Clean your face properly with help of warm water or you can use a cleanser too, it is up to you. Once you have successfully cleansed your face, use a toner on your face and don’t dry your face. Let it remain wet before you apply the Vitamin C serum.

Applying the Serum

Once you have cleaned your face, take a few drops of the Vitamin C serum on your fingers and use it to gently rub on your face and neck. Massage your skin until it completely absorbs all the serum from your hands and once your face becomes dry, you can stop the massage.

Let it dry

Make sure that your skin is completely dry before putting any kind of moisturizer on your skin. Using a sunscreen or a sunblock after Vitamin C serum is known to be quite beneficial as the antioxidant properties of the serum helps in increasing the effectiveness of the sunscreen and saves you from all the UV rays damage of the sun.

Top 10 Smart Dressing Choices to Look Thinner Without Any Discomfort

September 28, 2016 Alex Matlock 0

We know you are working hard at losing the flab and looking fab, there is no reason you shouldn’t look stunning while the process is still underway.

Here are some smart dressing choices you ought to make to appear slimmer than you already are.

1) Choose horizontal stripes


Every fashion expert worth their salt will tell you it’s horizontal and not vertical stripes that make you look thinner, especially the ones with thin dark coloured stripes on a lighter base colour. As for the vertical stripes, now would be the time to ditch them.

2) Go for snug fits

Wear body hugging clothes that fits your contours snugly, because contrary to popular belief that loose, flowing clothes help you hide the flab, it is the form fitters that do the job better.

3) Draw attention to your waist

Use attractive belts, tuck in your shirts or wear clothes with highlights at the waistline to draw the attention to the narrowest part of your torso. This absolutely helps divert the focus from any unpleasant sags or bulges.

4) Opt for high heels


The taller you look, the slimmer you are bound to appear so go on and add a few inches to your height by wearing high heels. If you are not comfortable in stilettos and have trouble balancing yourself, opt for the simpler platform heels or wedges.

5) Wear boot cut trousers in dark colours

The boot cut helps divert attention from the pelvis, thighs, abdomen and rear end and gives your body and overall slimming effect. The cut also helps make your legs appear longer and slimmer.

6) Give shapewear a shot


Innerwear that tuck in flab, smoothen out the rolls, and camouflage the love handles are a godsend for women. You can try wearing tummy tuckers or different types of corsets to get a silhouette to kill for.

7) Be careful about fabric selection

Choose clothes made out fabrics like cashmere, cotton, lycra and spandex as the stretch out to fit your form and steer clear of  heavy materials like suede and corduroys that add a lot of pounds to your appearance.

8) Utilise the v-neck illusion

You will see how a simple neckline alters your appearance when you opt for V-necked tops that have a slimming effect by giving an illusion of height. It’s an extremely failsafe and flattering neckline that delivers on its promise every time.

14 Things About Women That Turn Guys On

September 11, 2016 Alex Matlock 0

Men aren’t really sophisticated when it comes to getting turned on, often enough just looking at a great girl is enough to get us going. You see, unlike women, we respond incredibly well to visual stimuli and that’s what you, as a woman, need to take advantage of, if you want to get a guy turned on.


For example, when you’re reading a romance novel where the protagonists are having sex, you will, most of the time (and correct me if I’m wrong), try to or actually feel the feelings the woman protagonist is feeling. If a man was to read a romance novel, he would instead, visually imagine the sexual act – this can be a very tiring experience and that’s just one of the reasons men prefer porn to romance novels.

Anyway, if he is in the early stages of the relationship, just looking at you (and imagining having sex with you) is more than enough to get him going. On the other hand, if you’ve been in a relationship for some time it will take a bit more effort to get him hot and ready.

This article is here to show you, in no particular order, the 14 major things about women that turn guys on, regardless of the relationship stage.

1.       Skin

As women are considered the beautiful sex, there’s really no point in dressing up but, because modern society has us wearing clothes, whenever we see that little extra bit of skin we get turned on. Flimsy skirts, visible thighs and all those other luxuries will always get a guy’s attention.

2.       Touching


As men, we always make an effort to properly touch a woman, we view it in a way, as our responsibility but oh boy when a woman touches back, or even when she touches first…it’s overwhelming at times. Best places are around the neck, ear, arms and back of the head whilst kissing… touch a guy in any of these locations and you’ll surely get him going.

3.       Closeness

This works particularly well with guys that you’re not yet in a relationship with. Being close to a woman is incredibly arousing, this can happen on a bus, in the elevator, at the bar and basically everywhere else where 2 people are somewhat forced to be in close proximity. Why? Because it becomes incredibly evident how much of a woman you are (your hair, your smell…) – basically, we get to see you up close and many guys relish at the chance.

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